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Cheese Country Trail is currently OPEN.  Posted 6/20/2018
Please stay on trail and do not play in standing water!

Regrettably, we report that the proposed ATV Route was termed ended, at the April 18th Jefferson Township, town meeting. After much discussion, the chair noted that despite the referendum passing, the 52.38% “Yes”, the vote was not enough, as the board thought it should be at least 66% to pass and move forward to put the route in place. Sighting the time worn reasons for not allowing the route: Noise, liability, safety issues, roads are too narrow, property values would decrease, bar to bar travel, and not enough voters knew about the referendum to get out and vote against it. Despite the fact that the ATV club mailed out over 650 post cards asking voters to vote yes on the referendum. Logically, if a voter received the post card and was adamantly against the referendum, they would have likely turned out to vote “no”, however voters passed the referendum. 
The chair proceeded to disclose, at the meeting, the real reason they have been against the route all these years. 
When we started this process 13 years ago, we contacted Harvey Mandel, the Jefferson Town Chair, to ask his thoughts, and he stated that it sounded good. The next step was to contact neighboring townships. Clarno, to the west of Jefferson was agreeable, but expressed interest in how other townships felt about the proposal. Spring Grove township was also in agreement, if the other towns were going to approve the route. Due to the proximity of the Cheese Country Trail, Clarno was the first to adopt an ordinance to approve a road route to head east into Jefferson. When Jefferson was asked to approve the route, they then declined. 
At the April 18th meeting, Harvey explained his reasoning for turning down the route. After Clarno passed their ordinance, a few farmers from that township contacted Harvey and told him they did not like that Clarno had passed the route and Harvey should do everything he could to stop this from moving forward. And that has been his agenda for the past 13 years. 
He stated this clearly at the meeting, with news and media outlets present, and tape recorders rolling. 
To complicate matters, Harvey should have recused himself from this issue, due to a conflict of interest. Harvey sells insurance and several of these farmers were his clients and he didn’t want to upset a client. Harvey Mandel is also the president of Clarno Mutual Insurance Company. 
Presumably, Clarno Mutual Insurance does not support ATV/UTV routes. If Harvey is so staunchly against progression perhaps it is time to show him something about economic revenue. If you, your family, or neighbors or anyone that you know that live in the counties of Dane, Lafeyette, Green, or Rock and have Clarno Mutual Insurance, it maybe time to make a switch to a company that supports ATV/UTV Routes. The Green County ATV club has a number of companies, listed on our website, that sponsors our Club and maps. If you agree with this and are a Atv/Utv owner please share this on your page. Thank You 


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                        TRAIL ANNOUNCEMENTS: 


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The Green County ATV Club was established in 2003 to promote fun and safe ATV riding for your outdoor enjoyment, and to provide instruction and information so that all riders will respect our trail systems and all others that use the trails. Another one of our club goals, is to help promote economic development in the City of Monroe, and all of the Green County Area, for riders to enjoy the beautiful scenery and local businesses, as the Cheese Country Trail is a premiere riding experience in the Tri-State area. We are located in Green County in the state line area in southern Wisconsin, on the east end of the Cheese Country Trail System· The trail is 48 miles long, on a scenic, groomed, abandoned rail bed, from Monroe to Mineral Point. In Lafayette County, just before Calamine, at the Y, you can continue on to Mineral Point or take the 10 mile trip to Belmont from the Cheese Country Trail system. Riders can, also, enjoy the many miles of road routes, exiting off the Cheese Country Trail system, in Lafayette County.

  Club has worked, with the City of Monroe, to establish routes to the local motels, fuel stations, restaurants, bar & grills, fast food places, ATV/UTV repair/parts, and other supplies. Another City route leads to a large parking lot just one block South of the Historic Downtown Square, where you will find many more restaurants, bar & grills, a deli and confection shop with tasty ice cream and much more. You can continue on that City route to the Green County Fair Grounds for your camping enjoyment with a convenience store with fuel nearby.

 Our club is responsible for maintaining 10 miles of the Eastern part of the Cheese Country Trail which is located in Green County, which includes trimming grass, brush, and trees, tree removal, placing of trail signs and grooming the trail bed.  We offer an ATV safety course, in the spring of the year, to teach safety and DNR certify ATV riders, that were born after January 1, 1988.                                 


Winter All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) use is allowed on the Badger State Trail with some restrictions. UTVs or "Side-by-side ATVs" are  permitted on the Badger State Trail. ATVs are allowed under the following conditions:

  • from December 1 to March 15 only;
  • from 21st Street in Monroe to Lake Avenue in Monticello only (11 miles);
  • there is less than 4 inches of snow or the trail has not been groomed for snowmobiling;
  • the air temperature is under 28 degrees Fahrenheit (F);
  • the trail surface is frozen solid;
  • no ATV use is allowed off of the trail tread; and
  • all ATVs must have a valid registration sticker.

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       Please ride with your headlights ON at all times  

This memorial is a respectful place and you should not have to be told that, you should know that! The Green County ATV Club is offering a $250.00 reward to anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone defacing the trail! This means no donuts or power turns or digging holes in the trail or defacing the trail in any way! The fines are very high for this offense.

                      Stop in to see the newly resurfaced rest area
The Green County ATV Club is having a shirt sale and if you are interested in a shirt, please call Gary Wilhelms at 608-966-3327.  The shirts can be ordered in different colors, styles and with or without pockets, also have sweatshirts.  Please call Gary if you have any questions.

 The Green County ATV Club is offering a $250.00 reward to anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone shooting at the signs on the trail.

CHEESE COUNTRY TRAIL STICKERS are sold for $15 per annual calendar year.
Stickers are required for:
  1. all licensed or unlicensed motorcycles, mopeds, golf carts, mules, odyssey, go-carts, and dirt bikes
  2. bicycle riders 18 years of age and over
  3. horse riders 18 years of age and over
  4. Cheese Country Trail stickers can be purchased at the following locations in Green County::

  5. Lucky 7 Gas Station                                   
    710 - 21st. St.                                              
     Monroe, WI 53566                                          
    Located on Monroe city street route                

    Kundert Oil
    317 - 8th St.
    Monroe, WI 53566
    Located on Monroe city street route
In state ATVs or UTVs that are currently registered in Wisconsin are NOT required to have a Tri-County Trail sticker.  Out of state ATVs or UTVs, are required to purchase a Wisconsin DNR registration or a Wisconsin DNR trail pass and should refer to ATV Registration for additional information and requirements.
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Effective July 1, 2012, all ATVs and UTVs registered for public use in the State of Wisconsin, shall have a plate attached to the rear of the vehicle.

Plates can be purchased at our club sponsor


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